.Welcome to my creative lifestyle space. A wellness and fashion passion project of mine that I started back in 2019. Hope my journey and writings can help inspire positive vibes.

  • Morning Matcha &Meditation

    Morning Matcha &Meditation

    I got into meditation around this time last year but it wasn’t until half a year later that I  realized there was a huge difference to how I felt overall.  I became a lot more aware of my body by being present. I started to find ways to let go of my past and toContinue reading “Morning Matcha &Meditation”

  • Managing Stress

    Managing Stress

    We all go through stress at one point in our life. Say it’s academics, work, or personal sh*t, we’ve all been there.  Not gonna lie, high school was quite a challenge for me at times (oop). Between my AP classes extracurricular activities, test-taking every other week, and going through my personal stuff was quite aContinue reading “Managing Stress”

  • New to the healthy lifestyle?

    New to the healthy lifestyle?

    Whether it was an experience that sparked you, a change in breaking out of bad habits, or just the thought of wanting to strive for a healthier outer and inner feeling,  I know that these can all be overwhelming when you want to first change your lifestyle habits. From wanting to have a certain leanContinue reading “New to the healthy lifestyle?”


“Start to look for joy from the small things in life: go into situations with no expectations, take risks, have fun but most importantly stay true to yourself. Sometimes following your heart and being vulnerable can help you discover a new type of happiness from within”

with love from Kat



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