Morning Matcha &Meditation

I got into meditation around this time last year but it wasn’t until half a year later that I  realized there was a huge difference to how I felt overall.  I became a lot more aware of my body by being present. I started to find ways to let go of my past and to embrace my flaws. I’ve learned, and am still learning, to put myself first and to seek my own validation from within.

On top of that, I got into drinking matcha. 

So you may ask why drink matcha? Isn’t it the same as green tea? 

well here are 8 reasons to why matcha is great for your overall wellbeing.

. Matcha is the healthiest type of  green tea but in a powder-like form.

.compared to coffee where you mostlikely crash after a boost of energy, matcha brings out a positive calming energy throughout the day. 

.  It’s also great for your immune system

. it can help control your stress in a more calming manner

. Matcha can help lose weight since it acts as a fat blocker and boosts your metabolism.

.It’s known as a “nutritional powerhouse” that is loaded with antitoxins

. it can help with reducing cancer risk

. and lastly it can greatly help when it comes to improving your skin

So here’s my morning matcha recipe:

After thought

Of course you don’t have to drink matcha before and after you meditate but personally this gives me more motivation to my mornings. I not only feel much more calm when I start my morning routine this way, but it gives me a reflective mindset for the rest of the day.

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