Intro to the vulnerability project

Hi and welcome to my first post to an ongoing project I’m working on called the vulnerability project! In the future, I might continue this with a podcast about why true strength comes from finding your authentic self and embracing your “flaws”, but for now, here’s a little insight I’ve personally learned which I’ve found common in the world of building connections. 

*hopefully this is helpful for all of you going through or have once gone through something similar and just a reminder: You’re never alone. 


Whether it’s a heartbreak, a long friendship, or parents falling out, going through emotions of betrayal, loss, shock, expectations being crushed (especially when it’s your first time) is definitely hard. 

In fact, it can take you through a whirlwind of emotions. You could completely turn cold after a bad experience, become less trusting when it comes to letting other people in your life again, or find yourself a replacement to act as a “bandage” because you fear to go through the emotions of pain.

What I’m saying is everyone always has a choice to make in life no matter what had once happened. Going through loss is painful enough already, but one of the hardest parts is to truly find the light within these experiences and to learn how to choose a different direction. 

The start of this comes from within, which is you. Meaning, it’s ok to take time to heal and grieve if you’ve been through hardships. Let yourself take that mask, which you wear in front of your peers, off for a while and to know that your feelings are completely valid, as your inner self/ ego has been let down. Because by doing this it’s the first step in understanding what it means to have strength in vulnerability.

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