New to the healthy lifestyle?

Whether it was an experience that sparked you, a change in breaking out of bad habits, or just the thought of wanting to strive for a healthier outer and inner feeling,  I know that these can all be overwhelming when you want to first change your lifestyle habits. From wanting to have a certain lean toned body to learning what body positivity means, maintaining a healthier lifestyle habit can range from all sorts of topics but achievable in the right approach.  

Personally, I call the goal of maintaining a healthier lifestyle as another act of self-love and self-care. To me, setting goals to change my lifestyle habits means being aware of the vibes I choose for my body, mind, and heart. 

So here are my insights into these 5 different lifestyle aspects:  mental health, food, body, growth, and working out.

 The realistic mindset

This can apply to everyone under different extents but my tip for this is to be practical with the changes you want to make. Don’t overwork yourself, list out your goals to help you stay motivated and be proud of the small changes you’ve done!

Body positivity

 Honestly, start the grateful practice. A lot of the times we worry about how others view our image and let that critical voice in our head get to us, so as repetitive as it may sound start the practice. It can be as simple as 3 things you like about yourself or your surroundings. By being aware and starting to appreciate what you have can shift your mindset of how you view things. 

Change your vibe: 

In my last post, I’ve talked a lot about how having good authentic vibes can be a step to self-love. When it comes to switching to that healthier lifestyle feeling there’s no difference. So whether it’s a room makeover to find your style or being aware and letting go of past mistakes, changing your vibe and how you approach life can definitely benefit your wellbeing in a healthy way. 

Working out: 

Working out is great for your physical and mental health but one thing I used to do was over challenge myself. So if you’re new to working out, start with a goal each day and review what you’ve done by the end of the week. Go at your own pace and take it easy too! 

Adding healthy food I’m not saying to cut out what you love to eat, but if you want to get into the healthy vibes, go ahead and add some avocados to your scrambled eggs, try out some matcha, eat less before you sleep and add some healthy oils to your meal.

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