the REAL truth about self care acts

Dear readers,

something that I want to talk about is the real truth behind all the Instagram, Pinterest or self care post that you see. I’ve always talked highly about your own self care journey, finding what works best for you and I’ve also shared my own set of self care acts with all of you. However, what I want to bring attention to is how this is a consistent process.

When it comes to my mental health slipping, that’s the time that I tend to spend working even more on my mental health and turning to all my self care acts . What I realise is the second I feel somewhat stable with my emotions, I’m not as consistent with my self care acts. Feeling this way is completely normal as we’re all human but the same time it’s so important to continue being in check with yourself and making sure you’re in tune with your feelings.


Learning how to take care of yourself isn’t just something you do when you feel down or you aren’t your very best, you keep it going through the bad and good days and that can gradually bring so much more closure to you.

Here’s an example, if journaling works out for you, you don’t only journal when you feel down. To make sure that you don’t slip into that hole as fast as the last time, you would keep this process going on even when you feel completely normal. Keeping in check with how you feel is a life long process and even if you find a way to “escape it” temporarily it’ll hit you when you don’t realise or when a new trigger pops up.


  • Yoga – little lighter than working out but you focus on your heart and body
  • cooking – this could also be seen as a mindful practice, but it’s always fun to learn a new dish
  • staying in the sun/ outdoor before the winter
  • not saying yes to everything –> this is something I’ve worked on for a very long time but I wouldn’t say yes to every event or gathering that I’m invited to as it’s also important to maintain and keep your energy

*side note: Personally, when it comes to my anxiety, having a daily routine and knowing what will go on for the next week helps reduce my stress and anxiety

That’s it for today

with love from Kat ❤

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