London Edition: My 2022 Fashion Trend Prediction

Since the pandemic, the fashion industry has been affected in various aspects. With social media being an integral part of our lives, the fashion community has not only boomed online but has allowed room for the development of many talented independent designer work to grow. Aesthetics sub such as E girl, Soft girl and Vsco girls were also trending and I’ve definitely spent time exploring into the styles that would make me feel most confident and comfortable with my body. 

When determining trends, it’s important to look into the history of fashion and a common pattern that I’ve noticed is that whether it’s an era change or a current technological rise, the fashion industry has always been influenced by culture and society. Different fashion style trends evolve and change over time but consumers play a significant role that drives these manufacturing forces in the process of creating their fashion statement or masterpiece. 

And with fashion being known for “what goes around, comes back around”, here are my personal thoughts on what fashion in 2022 will be about…. 


2022 will focus more on extravagance, vibrance and , with  understanding more about the pandemic effects, our society will focus more on the brighter bigger to commemorate the time of grieved and lost. 


The idea of Feathers started off as an essential piece in parties but became fashionable in the early 20th century after celebrities adopted this type of style. Old vintage Hollywood is a great representation of this style and movies such as the Great Gatsby incorporated plenty of this style. But with 2022 focusing more on extravagance and even ballroom style, feathers are making a comeback but with a modern spin. This means whether it’s tube tops, the bottom of flare jeans or arm sleeves, having a hint of feather accessory on clothing pieces will be shown a lot in the streetwear collection. 


There’s a rise in  women empowerment statements in our society and what better way to express this than the silhouette and figure of a jumpsuit. We’ll see a lot of jumpsuit style in 2022 as the straight leg marks confidence. 

*Style Tip: there are so many ways to play around with jumpsuits


Opera gloves fascinates me as I never got to live in the era where they were fashionable and functionable. These date back to the late 16th and 17th century but unlike the Victorian era where they were mandatory in evening night outs, our modern world will label these gloves as more of a fashion statement. We’ll also see a lot of these accessories in the streetwear collection and they’ll usually go longer than arms length. 


Lastly, the preppy style will also be something we’ll see around this year. Whether that’s necktie accessories or patterned stockings, the preppy style is one that is fun to play around with and brings 2010 nostalgic vibes back. 


Platform shoes became popular back in the 1970’s and were a trend in the 90’s. Designers such as Vivenne Westwood were famous as their models would wear very high inch platform shoes during runway shows. 2022 will bring these platform shoes back but with more creative interpretations. Many luxury brands will also incorporate the idea of “platforms” into their shoe designs and also add them into the comeback of  jelly shoes, lita boots and possible ballet flats. 


The 2022 fashion world will focus on accessories and bags that can  bring you back to the past. It wouldn’t be rare if  box bags, heart bags, barbie bags or beaded bags make a comeback to our world. 


Instead of hair bands which were trending a lot last year, Hairbows will also make a comeback this year. However, the modern interpretation here is that it’ll be less gigantic and lean more towards neutral and beige tones. 

  • Ear muffs 
  • Long scarfs 
  • Puffers




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