Recently, I’ve been living in London as I’ve decided to take a study abroad program while going on a soul searching trip around Europe and so far the experience has been incredible. I’ve learned how to cook more meals, networked with many talented people and visited new places. 

So here’s just a fun post on some of my top restaurants and markets to head to if you’re in London.  


Located in the heart of Mayfair and known for its bathroom and Instagrammable photo aesthetics, be sure to head to sketch bar and restaurant if you’re feeling artistic and fancy. With delicate treats served during afternoon high tea and a Michelin star menu for dinner, you get to have the full meal experience right in front of you. What fascinates me about Sketch is that every corner of the restaurant brings out a different immaculate experience for guests through their integration and selection of art. From the gallery corner that welcomes you with floral pink sculptural arm chairs and mini booths to the enchanted  fairytale seats by the glade room, these are all extraordinary rooms to dine.

Sketch is also known for its notorious bathroom filled with individual -minimalistic pods and vibrant multicolloured tiles above the ceiling. And right as you walk under the steps of the bathroom, there’s a private globe shaped like  bar called the “East bar” with an abundant of cocktails and drinks for you to select.

Tea at the Tower Hotel

What better way to spend your afternoon than going for a stroll along the road of Thames river with the breathtaking view of Tower bridge overarching London’s skyline. And after your scroll, head over to Vicinity at Tower Hotel to enjoy some mouthwatering afternoon tea sets. From smoked salmon egg sandwich to fresh English breakfast tea, have some of these scrumptious sets with a friend or partner at London’s finest spot. 

Dine at Flat Iron

For all you steak lovers, Flat Iron is one to not miss if you’re in the heart of London. Neatly chopped into thin grass-fed slices, the tender meat brings out a tasteful yet comforting feeling. There’s even a large selection of side dishes ranging from creamed spinach to cooked chips. And right before you continue with your London night exploration, don’t forget to get a scoop of their signature ice cream and popcorn that completes the experience. 

Brunch at The Ivy

Authentic KOYA

Opened back in 2010, enjoy one of Soho’s finest Japanese meals with warm freshly handmade udon noodles placed right in front of you. From braised pork with marinated mushrooms to their fresh and crispy like tempura sticks, each dish has its cultural specialty. And served in just about 20 minutes, the restaurant does a spectacular job with incorporating Japan’s culture of comfort, ease and home feeling for each customer that ultimately completes the “authentic Japanese meal experience”. 


Moving to London, one of the many new things I’ve learned is the love of markets in this city. Every week, the streets of London are filled with a variety of markets and many even consider markets as an ideal shopping spot. So take a look at my two favourite markets.

Borough market

Open seven days a week with atmospheric halls and located right below the London bridge, the Borough markets is one of my all time favourite places to head to in London. From fresh and organic fruits to sweets and baked treats all scattered around the area, the food tents: enclosed with warm orange fairy lights, provides the perfect welcoming to the variety of food stalls.

Portobello market 

These pastel coloured buildings do know how to make a first great impression for the tourists that walk through the streets. With a significant history that dates back to the 19th century, the portobello market here sells all sorts of vintage and antique items that truly encapsulates the historical and cultural feeling that comes with each item.

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