The blossoming lemons of Capri

Just a boat ride off the coast of Naples of Southern Italy, Capri is the paradise spot that you’ve dreamt of going from a young age. With the gorgeous blazing sun and seaside breeze welcoming you in, the island is filled with beach side restaurants, crystal clear blue ocean and tiny crowds that enclose the famous blue grotto.

or simply, an appreciation for mother nature

but what astonishes me the most is the love for lemons on this island. Almost every souvenir spot in Capri has some sort of lemon merch with a greater and hidden message. Whether that’s lemon candies, lemon themed hand bags, dresses, cups, plates or the simple freshly squeezed lemonade, it’s as if the simplicity of a single lemon has become the symbol of Capri with a personal touch from every store.

Capri, a dream land embracing lemons.

Little do many of us know that the bright yellow citrus fruit that serves as our vitamin C source appears to be an integral part of the local Italian culture and even serves as a bridge that bonds families and the city’s economy together. With the lemon tree blossoming around the months of April and May, this scrumptious and vibrant fruit commonly found in Amalfi coast has the power to bring out Italian celebrations during the lemon harvest season. Locals even gather around their lemon barrels to commemorate this beauty and they even bring it back home to cherish with their families.

The lemon aesthetic

Maybe it’s the way that the island values lemon, maybe it’s the fact that almost every part of the island includes it, but there’s a sense of peace and calmness that comes off from a single lemon. But the way the locals come together to present the value, culture and history of their lemon gem is what makes it even more remarkable.

Da Polinio

and lastly, the famous Da Polinio. Sophistication, personal touch and summery are just a few words that can describe what it feels like to dine a scrumptious meal under the branches of lemon trees where this restaurant overlooks the Tyrrhenian sea. As you enter the restaurant, you’re instantly welcomed by refreshments at the bar, perhaps a Pina Colada? and when you’re seated there are endless meals served to you.

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