Embracing Beauty & Vulnerability

Dear readers,

Writing and practicing the act of skincare has always self cured my mental health when I go through a set back in life. So this time, I want to dive a little deeper into the definition of BEAUTY, the psychology behind it and how the act of skincare can help one embrace their beauty .


A misunderstanding I want to address is what one doesn’t witness behind the social media lens. I’m currently in a healthy relationship. However, at times I still battle with letting my guard down, trusting other people and I’m puzzled between my identity of being a student and following my heart to just focus on my career. What I’m trying to say is that what you see online doesn’t represent one’s happiness. Even if I’m in a healthy relationship, I’m still going through mental health set backs from time to time and there are days where I don’t feel that I fit in my university and I’m happier off starting my career.

This brings me to the question of what my story has to do with BEAUTY AND WHY EMBRACE IT

One of the things that I’ve learned over the past few years is how the definition of beauty has evolved and how when I start to embrace my beauty ( including a make up day free/ with make up) this helps me feel a little better about myself.

From bath oil, to toners, to face and eye cream, there are so many products innovated that enhances one to feel more comfortable and beautiful in their own way. Yet, the rise of digitalization and society can start to make beauty seem more discouraging and even in a competitive and comparative manner. If you take a look back at history, these products were made by incredible entrepreneurs to help one feel good about themselves and beautiful. The consciousness of remembering the root reason of what beauty means can make you more connected to yourself.

So here I’ll be sharing MY TOP 3 SKINCARE TIPS and why it’s important to understand the products

  1. SPF I can’t express how important SPF is. Whether it’s a sunny day in your opinion or not, SPF helps reduce the risk of sunburn, skin cancer and even prevents skin discoloration. I currently use “Shiseido” 50+ before I put on make up and it makes me feel so refreshed about myself.
  2. EYE CREAM: Eyes have always been a precious part of my face and as I regularly put contacts on along with mascara and eyeliner, putting on eye cream ( or at least for me) ensures that I’m taking care and being gentle to the parts around my eyes. As of right now, I’m using “Fresh”‘s eye cream and it’s one of my favourite brands.
  3. PERFUME: The beauty of perfume is how one can choose a scent that resonates well with them while making them feel more comfortable in their skin. This is why I love perfume so much. I’m currently using a mix of perfumes and they work perfectly for different occasions.


What are some of your self care / skincare routines? What comes to your mind when you think about beauty?

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