Hi there and welcome,

I’m Kat Tse, a snowboard lover, a travelholic, and a matcha lover.

Over the years, I’ve been through various hardships with my mental health. Going from self-hate to the start of self-love has been one of the biggest transformations that I’m truly proud of.

I’ll admit, at first genuinely feeling good about myself wasn’t easy at all. It was through understanding the importance in mental health that led me to making the choice of prioritising myself and learning how to embrace my imperfection.

It was from there I discovered what brought good vibes and joy to my life. Drinking matcha gave me a calming mind, finding my style in fashion brought me joy and working out made me feel lighter. These are some of the ways that helped ground myself when I feel like things are falling apart and that’s how I come back to finding my own vibes.

So what I’m saying is you always have a choice in life no matter what had happened to you and I want to share these insights and to help you feel good about yourself.

I completely understand how it feels when you feel as if life is falling apart so feel free to reach out to me as I’m still in the process of learning more as well 🙂 ( instagram @kat.tse )

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