It’s been exactly 6 months since I’ve been living in London and with summer around the corner, I can’t wait to witness the rest of the spring to summer transition. Before I get into my Tiffany & Co Vision and Virtual experience, here’s a quick life update: over the past few months, I’ve been learning how to balance between my 3 part time jobs in the fashion and editorial industry, school work and what it means to live away from home. And as I’ve been specifically networking in the creative industry, I’ve learned the importance of brand equity, brand value and customer perception. But what intrigues me the most is diving deep into the historical and identity aspect of a fashion brand.

With that being said, the Tiffany & Co exhibition couldn’t have come at any better time.

With the 150th anniversary in London around the corner, Tiffany & Co is commemorating its brand’s heritage and creative influence by hosting the Vision and Virtual exhibition at Saatchi Gallery, near Sloane Square. The exhibition consists of seven interactive yet fascinating sections ranging from their blue book jewelry collections to exclusive behind the scenes of the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie and virtual interactive activities for guests. The experience is one that many won’t forget and each section truly encapsulates the legacy and history of how Tiffany&Co came to be and will continue to become in the near future.


So you might ask, how did this all start? And what is Tiffany’s Yellow Diamond 

Currently headquartered in New York City, this well known brand today dates all the way back to 1830’s where Charles Lewis Tiffany was introduced to Tiffany’s signature blue. With his natural talent for understanding the value and psychological effects a diamond could have on a person, he opened Tiffany&Co as a stationary store and became a legend in redefining style and glamor. Soon after, he continues his expedition by purchasing today’s Tiffany Yellow Diamond after it was discovered in the Kimberly mines back in 1878. This Tiffany diamond then becomes the highlight at a Chicago world Columbian exposition, making its first ever debut and displaying at New York city’s flagship store in 1955.


So what is the blue book that everyone’s talking about? 

The exhibition does a fantastic job in sparking subtle conversations regarding the brand’s heritage and creative influence through integrating the power of our current virtual world (specifically projectors) with the brand’s historical aspects as a means to entertain their guests, current and future clients. They even have a section that’s dedicated towards Tiffany’s blue book. Tiffany’s blue book is a revolutionary concept that was introduced exactly seven years after the 1837 jewelry house was opened. The blue book started off as showing the most rare and precious gemstones and was even defined as the heart of high jewelry due to their sophisticated couture designs and innovative craftsmanship designs. Today, the company continues this legacy by showcasing the newest gemstone collections.


This is one of my all time favourite fashion movies and the exhibition made sure each guest felt as if they entered Holly’s world. We even got exclusive sneak peaks including Audrey Hepern’s iconic dress, her written notes on and a photoshoot booth with New York City’s from Capote and Tiffany’s style.


It’s this time of the year again where springtime flowers blossom, the sun is out for longer and there’s a common saying for new beginnings and re birth. Recently, I’ve also had the opportunity to connect and work with so many other talented fashion creators all around London and sometimes it still fascinates me how powerful and enlightening the creative industry can be. Behind the lens, each creator has their own story and inspirations behind their passion projects & passions.

So here are some of my spring style favourites but from a London fashion take.


The first weekend of Coachella just ended and it’s needless to say that the fits and performances this year are currently booming all over social media. So if you want that palm spring look while getting tanned, here’s a fit that can bring that spring feeling to life ( no matter where you are in the world)

Corsets have been making their way back over these past 2 years and brands sure love adding a modern spin to these designs. Tugged into these mid rise flare jeans, be sure to throw on a trench coat or any coat of your choice as it still gets a bit chilly towards the night.


something that I love about spring is being able to go on longer self walks. With the warmth and greener grass, take a stroll along mother nature. Under the thrifted top I’m wearing a warm jacket paired with a black leather jacket on the top.


Another crop top but spring is all about colours as well! so put on some pastel colour crop or top followed with some jeans.


If you give a brief glance into some of the 2022 fashion collections this year, you’ll realize that these Y2K styles are still a hot hit in runway collections. Some of these styles not only end up in thrift stores but other brands with modern interpretations. Here’s are some fits I’d love to wear this spring!


Going around Oxford street, I love to see what other styles people are wearing/ making it’s way into street style collections! These cargo pants are best paired with a tube top, crop top, dutch top or mid crops.

The misconception with fashion: a dilemma between societal norms and self identity

What exactly is fashion?

Is it style? A  system of choice? a political expression? but more importantly, how does the simplicity of a fabric have the power to create a personal statement for some? 

The truth is there isn’t a particular word that would perfectly describe the definition of fashion. If we take a look at history, we know that culture and historical events play an essential role in shaping the evolution of fashion. We learn that style trends and the concept of dressing has made its mark into societal impression while influencing the growth and evolution of fashion. As a part fashion student and editor, there are two key observations that I would like to dive deeper into. 

1) The stereotypical misconception of fashion that goes around and how this overlaps in our digitalized world 

2)How the beauty of fashion stems from evolutionary and societal changes 

Fashioning stereotype

As a blogger, what intrigues me the most when a conversation about fashion sparks up are the thoughts, reactions and impressions that individuals have about this culture. The first stereotype that catches my attention the most is how highly this subject has been associated with social class and how fashion can equate to expensive and luxurious items. When asking the older generation, in particular, about the imagery that comes to their mind when the word fashion appears, they envision high end luxury brands, haute couture and how the high class holds more power in this aspect. They don’t always tend to view street style or fast fashion as the overall common definition of fashion. However, the younger generation, on the other hand, tend to associate fashion with independent designers, the concept of sustainability and how social media influencers are starting to become the powerhouse of this industry.

Therefore, pondering the analytical difference between these stereotypical fashion types comes sociologist and economist Thomas Veblen. Veblen holds the strong belief that dressing plays a significant role in our society with impressions. The idea of dressing is completely visible and the psychological reasoning behind why people consume and choose high expenditure clothing is to gain positive hierarchical recognition. Due to this social concept of how the US in particular distinguishes wealth recognition and hierarchical status, the action of constantly changing clothing wardrobes and buying higher luxurious goods can be described as conspicuous waste. Furthermore, expanding on the act of constantly changing clothing wardrobes comes the addictive psychological behaviour behind the concept of trends. Due to every human being’s desire to have a sense of belonging, this game of “fitting in” into the “wealthy” and “less wealthy class” can be seen as a sense of escapism in following the glorification footstep outcome that comes from consuming expensive goods. In fact, a friend of mine who’s deeply involved in the fashion industry has quoted that “the trend game is addicting once you start” and this is where the gap between the rich and poor can be seen to separate, causing the more wealthy class prone more towards the idea of dressing and consuming materialistic. Moreover, this similar pattern where the “wealthy” tend to hold more power and say in fashion can be applied into our current global digitalization world. Social media influencers and celebrities on the other hand are gradually becoming the modern alternative choice in Veblen’s dressing belief.


The idea of change serves as a fundamental key point in this industry but something that most people don’t realize is that every societal aspect deeply connects with fashion and that everyone is involved in fashion (one way or another). The saying that fashion is only for specific type of people is simply not true, anyone can be part of it as long as they are interested.

Fashion evolves as society evolves or society evolves as fashion styles evolves?

here’s a basic outline of how fashion is deeply integrated into society, followed with a few basic examples..

From a psychological perspective, fashion can capture a person’s identity through their self presentation but can also serve as a tool that helps individuals express themselves. It can also be seen as an empowering tool for internal and external factors of power.

From an economic perspective, this industry can provide and is starting to create more job opportunities. For example, the rise of fast fashion in modern day society has influenced recent economic growth.

From a political standpoint, fashion can serve as a helpful tool for politicians to create a statement for their campaign or express themselves.

From a filming perspective, costumes can help viewers have a better understanding of the characters or the plot of the story.

From a historical standpoint, we can see how past events have influenced the way society express themselves through clothing, patterns and makeup.

Some of these statements bring me to my current conclusion that the beauty behind fashion comes from embracing the evolutionary changes in this industry. Whether that means the future of fashion will involve a change in technological developments or designer changes, embracing this helps with becoming a knowledgeable fashion learner.


What are some statements that you’ve heard about fashion? These are just some of my personal misconceptions but I’ve also heard others such as fashion “has” to be beautiful or “certain people” can be in the fashion industry.


Hey readers ❤

hope you’re all doing well

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but here’s a quick update: I’ve done a lot of self reflecting over the past few months and I’ve come to realize that nothing stays forever but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Whether that’s friendships, relationships or situations out of your control, as much as we want to hold onto the past, life does continue. We’ll meet more people, learn more about the world around us but it’s always important to stay true to who you are. So I wanted to start this new chapter by working on myself more and what better way than to travel to Europe for a soul searching trip while continuing my studies abroad. I’ve also just re-branded my blog and I’m so excited to announce that I’m in the progress of working on more passion projects and collaborations that will be launched in the upcoming years!!! ( can’t waitttt)


  • living alone & blogger style tips
  • How to style yourself
  • How to develop your own lifestyle 
  • How to travel lightly


A quick story: a couple of years ago, codependency and perfectionism were quite a struggle for me when it came to my mental health. I needed to be around people all the time, I had this fear of being alone and I always sought approval from others as I was never confident or content with who I was. At times I still slip, but I’ve been on a journey that has helped me discovered what were the little acts that can bring happiness to my life. As a 19 year old study abroad student, I realized my family and culture are significant parts of my life and as someone who truly believes that you should take risks in life while being authentic to who you are, I wanted to give living alone a try (which I enjoy quite a bit)


Moving to a new country and living alone for a short time has been quite an insightful yet challenging experience for me as it’s definitely out of my comfort zone. I’ve always been used to living in a vibrant household but over this past month, I’ve learned how to enjoy my own company, to be more independent and I’ve explored various hobbies .So here are some of my tips on how you can tackle the loneliness that can come with living alone 

. Listen to something: whether that’s music, a podcast, this helps you feel less alone and motivates you to move around the house

. What sentimental items can you put in your room to make you feel at ease? 

. Add candles, add posters, add lights

. Learn a new hobby: learn a new recipe, learn how to play the guitar, write a song, draw, paint 

. Keep a calendar: making plans is one of the best motivators as it helps you have something to look forward to

. Journal: it’s a great self care act and practice for you to understand and embrace your emotions

.Grocery Shopping: shop around with yourself and look into the scrumptious fruits and

. Notion: give notion, an organizational toolkit a try that helps you find “your zone”

. Movie night with yourself: treat yourself to some good ice-cream and have a sunset lamp by your side to switch up the mood

. Go on walks with yourself: this has started to become one of my favourite things to do in the city! I’ve discovered so many new hidden areas and new fun things to do.

. Keep track of your finance: Part of living alone comes with understanding the importance of understanding your finance, so make a spreadsheet of how much you spend each day to learn more about yourself.

~and eventually develop a peaceful routine that makes you feel at ease…

New York


Feeling comfortable with yourself works differently for everyone. I’ll get into more detail about this in another post but whether it’s writing, art, singing, dancing, mediating, cooking etc. I do believe that everyone has their own version that gives them comfort when it comes to expressing themselves. Some tips that have helped me when it comes to exploring and finding your fashion/ skin care or style that can help you express yourself as a person.

If you want to find your fashion style: head to IG, Pinterest to look for inspiration or create a mood board. Personally, the beauty of fashion for me lies behind the power and how the simplicity of clothing texture can create such drastic identity change for me that now serves as my own confidence booster. 2 years ago, I’ve explored into a variety of aesthetics, taking note about the effects of each aesthetic’s story and what about this type of fashion style that drew me in. Learning about this not only helped me feel more confident about myself but it was a great practice for me to understand the importance of being selective and doing things that genuinely make me feel good.

If you want to get into cooking: Cooking was one of the hobbies that I’ve developed over these past few months and I do think it’s something everyone should be able to do. Moving to a new country made me realize the importance of knowing how to take good and proper care of yourself and cooking was something that grounded me and allowed me to have “control of” when things were out of my control. And there are plenty of ways to learn how to cook. Youtube and masterclass were my best friends when I first started and now I want to get into making healthier meals for myself. This is all an act of self care and if you continue down this road, you’ll learn more about how to take good care of yourself while improving as a person.

If you want to get into sports: Sports has always been my hobby for as long as I can remember. Every year, my family and I head to Japan to snowboard and ski and on top of that hitting the track has always helped me managed my stress. I’m currently still suffering from post pandemic symptoms so it has been rather difficult for me to get back into my gym routine but my tip is take risks when it comes to sport as feeling confident also comes with feeling comfortable with your skin and body.

If you want to find your Skin care routine: Learn about your skin. There are plenty of sources out there that explain the different skin types ranging between oily and dry and what you should do to hydrate it. I try my best to go with my morning and night skin care routine but at times I do get tired so I also have an alternative routine that’s quicker.


As I continue my European exploration, I also want to note how much uncertainty there has been as this pandemic continues to unfold. so don’t forget to mask up if you can, stay safe and wash your hands!

  • Have a travel bag that is large enough
  • Keep a self care kit when you hit the road
  • Digital detox: it’s always good to have a detox so keep a book or a notepad 
  • Stay hydrated: always keep a water bottle in your bag 
  • Hygiene: the pandemic is still going so don’t forget a mask and 
  • These are important factors as when things are under my control, I feel more mental clarity and at ease

“Sometimes plan change and that’s ok. At the end of the day, It’s no one’s journey but your own, so focus on the present and do what makes you happy”

Quote of the day


Recently, I’ve been living in London as I’ve decided to take a study abroad program while going on a soul searching trip around Europe and so far the experience has been incredible. I’ve learned how to cook more meals, networked with many talented people and visited new places. 

So here’s just a fun post on some of my top restaurants and markets to head to if you’re in London.  


Located in the heart of Mayfair and known for its bathroom and Instagrammable photo aesthetics, be sure to head to sketch bar and restaurant if you’re feeling artistic and fancy. With delicate treats served during afternoon high tea and a Michelin star menu for dinner, you get to have the full meal experience right in front of you. What fascinates me about Sketch is that every corner of the restaurant brings out a different immaculate experience for guests through their integration and selection of art. From the gallery corner that welcomes you with floral pink sculptural arm chairs and mini booths to the enchanted  fairytale seats by the glade room, these are all extraordinary rooms to dine.

Sketch is also known for its notorious bathroom filled with individual -minimalistic pods and vibrant multicolloured tiles above the ceiling. And right as you walk under the steps of the bathroom, there’s a private globe shaped like  bar called the “East bar” with an abundant of cocktails and drinks for you to select.

Tea at the Tower Hotel

What better way to spend your afternoon than going for a stroll along the road of Thames river with the breathtaking view of Tower bridge overarching London’s skyline. And after your scroll, head over to Vicinity at Tower Hotel to enjoy some mouthwatering afternoon tea sets. From smoked salmon egg sandwich to fresh English breakfast tea, have some of these scrumptious sets with a friend or partner at London’s finest spot. 

Dine at Flat Iron

For all you steak lovers, Flat Iron is one to not miss if you’re in the heart of London. Neatly chopped into thin grass-fed slices, the tender meat brings out a tasteful yet comforting feeling. There’s even a large selection of side dishes ranging from creamed spinach to cooked chips. And right before you continue with your London night exploration, don’t forget to get a scoop of their signature ice cream and popcorn that completes the experience. 

Brunch at The Ivy

Authentic KOYA

Opened back in 2010, enjoy one of Soho’s finest Japanese meals with warm freshly handmade udon noodles placed right in front of you. From braised pork with marinated mushrooms to their fresh and crispy like tempura sticks, each dish has its cultural specialty. And served in just about 20 minutes, the restaurant does a spectacular job with incorporating Japan’s culture of comfort, ease and home feeling for each customer that ultimately completes the “authentic Japanese meal experience”. 


Moving to London, one of the many new things I’ve learned is the love of markets in this city. Every week, the streets of London are filled with a variety of markets and many even consider markets as an ideal shopping spot. So take a look at my two favourite markets.

Borough market

Open seven days a week with atmospheric halls and located right below the London bridge, the Borough markets is one of my all time favourite places to head to in London. From fresh and organic fruits to sweets and baked treats all scattered around the area, the food tents: enclosed with warm orange fairy lights, provides the perfect welcoming to the variety of food stalls.

Portobello market 

These pastel coloured buildings do know how to make a first great impression for the tourists that walk through the streets. With a significant history that dates back to the 19th century, the portobello market here sells all sorts of vintage and antique items that truly encapsulates the historical and cultural feeling that comes with each item.

London Edition: My 2022 Fashion Trend Prediction

Since the pandemic, the fashion industry has been affected in various aspects. With social media being an integral part of our lives, the fashion community has not only boomed online but has allowed room for the development of many talented independent designer work to grow. Aesthetics sub such as E girl, Soft girl and Vsco girls were also trending and I’ve definitely spent time exploring into the styles that would make me feel most confident and comfortable with my body. 

When determining trends, it’s important to look into the history of fashion and a common pattern that I’ve noticed is that whether it’s an era change or a current technological rise, the fashion industry has always been influenced by culture and society. Different fashion style trends evolve and change over time but consumers play a significant role that drives these manufacturing forces in the process of creating their fashion statement or masterpiece. 

And with fashion being known for “what goes around, comes back around”, here are my personal thoughts on what fashion in 2022 will be about…. 


2022 will focus more on extravagance, vibrance and , with  understanding more about the pandemic effects, our society will focus more on the brighter bigger to commemorate the time of grieved and lost. 


The idea of Feathers started off as an essential piece in parties but became fashionable in the early 20th century after celebrities adopted this type of style. Old vintage Hollywood is a great representation of this style and movies such as the Great Gatsby incorporated plenty of this style. But with 2022 focusing more on extravagance and even ballroom style, feathers are making a comeback but with a modern spin. This means whether it’s tube tops, the bottom of flare jeans or arm sleeves, having a hint of feather accessory on clothing pieces will be shown a lot in the streetwear collection. 


There’s a rise in  women empowerment statements in our society and what better way to express this than the silhouette and figure of a jumpsuit. We’ll see a lot of jumpsuit style in 2022 as the straight leg marks confidence. 

*Style Tip: there are so many ways to play around with jumpsuits


Opera gloves fascinates me as I never got to live in the era where they were fashionable and functionable. These date back to the late 16th and 17th century but unlike the Victorian era where they were mandatory in evening night outs, our modern world will label these gloves as more of a fashion statement. We’ll also see a lot of these accessories in the streetwear collection and they’ll usually go longer than arms length. 


Lastly, the preppy style will also be something we’ll see around this year. Whether that’s necktie accessories or patterned stockings, the preppy style is one that is fun to play around with and brings 2010 nostalgic vibes back. 


Platform shoes became popular back in the 1970’s and were a trend in the 90’s. Designers such as Vivenne Westwood were famous as their models would wear very high inch platform shoes during runway shows. 2022 will bring these platform shoes back but with more creative interpretations. Many luxury brands will also incorporate the idea of “platforms” into their shoe designs and also add them into the comeback of  jelly shoes, lita boots and possible ballet flats. 


The 2022 fashion world will focus on accessories and bags that can  bring you back to the past. It wouldn’t be rare if  box bags, heart bags, barbie bags or beaded bags make a comeback to our world. 


Instead of hair bands which were trending a lot last year, Hairbows will also make a comeback this year. However, the modern interpretation here is that it’ll be less gigantic and lean more towards neutral and beige tones. 

  • Ear muffs 
  • Long scarfs 
  • Puffers




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the REAL truth about self care acts

Dear readers,

something that I want to talk about is the real truth behind all the Instagram, Pinterest or self care post that you see. I’ve always talked highly about your own self care journey, finding what works best for you and I’ve also shared my own set of self care acts with all of you. However, what I want to bring attention to is how this is a consistent process.

When it comes to my mental health slipping, that’s the time that I tend to spend working even more on my mental health and turning to all my self care acts . What I realise is the second I feel somewhat stable with my emotions, I’m not as consistent with my self care acts. Feeling this way is completely normal as we’re all human but the same time it’s so important to continue being in check with yourself and making sure you’re in tune with your feelings.


Learning how to take care of yourself isn’t just something you do when you feel down or you aren’t your very best, you keep it going through the bad and good days and that can gradually bring so much more closure to you.

Here’s an example, if journaling works out for you, you don’t only journal when you feel down. To make sure that you don’t slip into that hole as fast as the last time, you would keep this process going on even when you feel completely normal. Keeping in check with how you feel is a life long process and even if you find a way to “escape it” temporarily it’ll hit you when you don’t realise or when a new trigger pops up.


  • Yoga – little lighter than working out but you focus on your heart and body
  • cooking – this could also be seen as a mindful practice, but it’s always fun to learn a new dish
  • staying in the sun/ outdoor before the winter
  • not saying yes to everything –> this is something I’ve worked on for a very long time but I wouldn’t say yes to every event or gathering that I’m invited to as it’s also important to maintain and keep your energy

*side note: Personally, when it comes to my anxiety, having a daily routine and knowing what will go on for the next week helps reduce my stress and anxiety

That’s it for today

with love from Kat ❤

Ur 2021 summer guide to living your best life….

With the scorching sun making its way to mid June and with the city re opening ( Here in Hong Kong) , this summer is bound to be different from the last one. If you either notice a group of people swarming and rushing towards the ocean waves or hitting the new clubs over the weekends, you’ll know that this summer is far different from the last. So what better timing than to share some of my personal advice on how you can live your best and most vibrant life this summer…..

What do you mean by living your best life ?

When we ask the question of what living your life means, everyone’s going to have a different answer. But something common I’ve noticed is the importance of feeling both mentally and physically confident with who you are: your authentic self – not the facade that you put onto the world.

Part of living your best life is learning how to cope with your stress through finding a balance, motivating, CHALLENGING yourself and most importantly do things you love FOR YOU and not for anyone else. It’s also having a better understanding of your own energy. However, the part that we all differ is the question of WHAT can you do or what are the BABY steps that you should take to ensure you are truly satisfied fulfilled and content with yourself.

For me, living my best life comes with a healthy routine, working through my emotions or concerns instead of suppressing, self care acts, investing time into the things that make me feel happy, being surrounded by the people that can lift me up and the work hard, play hard mindset.


Setting new goals, challenging yourself, pursing your passions: I’m a strong believer in learning how to love yourself and finding success from your passions. But honestly, this could mean anything. From individual workout goals to hiking on a new trail or even working on a passion project. On top of that, when you surround yourself with likeminded people as you, that’s where the motivation and creativity kicks in.

Learning how to cope with your stress: we all face stress. You might have those days where you have too much on your plate and you feel as if your jar is overflowing with work and papers due, but here are some ways that can help when it comes to managing stress

Don’t forget to heal: yes, some may say what if I don’t have anything to heal from? or what if I don’t want to heal because I can’t endure the pain of thinking of the past and I’m ready to move on…. but healing isn’t linear so once you do some soul searching, you’ll be able to become even more vulnerable with who you are.


Part of living your life can include trying new things out of your comfort zone. This may not apply to everyone as we all have different preferences but I’m someone who not only enjoys to become introverted from now and then at home, but to spend time in mother nature. Here are just some examples and some positive summer activities that could lift your energy up from now and then…

Summer tan

sun kissed glow can boost confidence 


Boat trip’s this year

Hitting the beaches 

start to think from the grateful perspective


Cook a new meal…

Mentally ~

Having a routine 

Self care 

Skin care routine 

Wellness check in with yourself


If there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it’s the importance of learning how to take care of yourself from the boredom that many of us faced during times of quarantine. Since we can’t control the external factors, we do have the power to control what can make us feel better about ourselves. These small steps can help you find what will make you feel content with your life…


some life advice from the past few years .. Inspiration @alex_elle @selenagomez

Hey readers 🌹

it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been working on multiple passion projects to spread the message that your feelings matter and that you are loved ( so stay tuned with that). I have to admit there were times where I haven’t exactly felt like myself but I am on a journey ( baby steps) in learning how to re build that confidence. I just wanted to share some of my insights into this as this self discovery path never ends.


There isn’t anything wrong with you if you don’t feel the best version of yourself or if you’re mentally slipping away from your vibrant self. Sometimes there could be hidden triggers that could cause this to happen and you might not even be aware of it at first. Some examples of signs to help you notice these patterns include losing motivation in the things you love, feeling disconnected from the world around you, doubting your self worth, constantly overthinking etc. Once you find yourself in that state, a whirlwind of emotions could hit you. Easier said than done, but It’s so important to not let yourself fall into the hole where your emotions could drag you down even more. I call this the rabbit hole and each time it hits differently. There could be times in the past year where It’s been easier (ex. towards the end of quarantine) and there are times it could be much harder when there’s a new transition in life.

the key thing to note is that you don’t always have to feel unmotivated and powerless.


and I hope this small guide can give you some relatable advice to your situations.


“Healing is not linear. You’re going to have set backs in life and that’s perfectly normal”

We all have our own ways when it comes to healing but I do want to address on a certain misconception. There doesn’t necessarily have to be one single particular event or situation that you need to heal from. Since I strongly believe that healing is not linear, once you do a bit of soul searching, you might realise there could be other past events you haven’t fully healed from ( it could subconsciously impact you till this day )and that’s completely fine.

” Take good care of your body. Eat plenty of healthy and yummy food and don’t limit yourself.”


Some of my personal insights…..


I love the beauty of photography. Personally, being able to find quotes or images that resonate with how I currently feel can give me a sense of peace that I’m not abnormal for feeling this way. Being able to do that is also a sign of caring for yourself and to show how all your emotions are completely valid.


I love writing with a passion. Whether that’s journaling or the fact that letters can create such an emotional impact in pulling my heart strings at times is what fascinates me the most. I’m someone who’s extremely emotional and when I spend time alone, I pour my heart into a place ( my notepad) where I believe is safe and nonjudgemental. Along with the music tone, it can establish such a meaningful impact. However, this could also be extremely hard at times as writing it out could also cause more pain and the struggles of facing certain realities.

but I honestly write about everything… From falling in love to getting heart broken, to getting betrayed, feeling energetic, at peace with yourself or just feeling lonely at times. Writing these feelings out help me have a better understanding of my emotions and that’s what I love about writing.


I’m not an expert in art but I do understand the creative element that comes with it. From aesthetic building to creating your curated master piece, the sense of self accomplishment and self validation can come after you create a personal art work. For me, the idea of aesthetics and image placement truly speaks to my heart. Whether that’s magazine cut outs or placing certain objects next to each other for a photograph each element has its own meaning. But something I’ve noticed about the beauty of art comes with the mystery and uncertainty. Each art work has its own narrative but when you present it to the world, everyone would have a different interpretation and that’s where you can bring your message in.


I hope this article was helpful for any of you that are going through / have been through something similar. I think it’s so important ( if you are comfortable ) to share your insights to the world so that we could encourage each other to be more kind and gentle with ourselves. Though mental health month was in May, every month should matter when it comes to your mental health 🙂

🌃Your 3 day guide into the city that never sleeps

New York City. the lights , the music, the fashion, the food – all encapsulates the beauty of the city

I’ll be honest: The truth is, there’s no way to explore all of New York within 3 days. From the exhilarating and lively Times Square to the enchanting prestigious Upper East side, even the streets in between can already takes days for you to explore. But there are definitely a few go to spots that I have to mention.


Since the start of this blog, learning and exploring my fashion style has always been something that grounds me. “True beauty shines when you focus on the style that you love!” and if you’ve never been to the big apple, even being there for a couple of days has made the fashion vibes feel more real than ever. From every corner you can see a diversity of fashion aesthetics – from streetwear to vintage, to chic looks it just all shows how much NYC loves fashion but in particular in the streets of Fifth Avenue, Soho and Madison!



64 W 48th St, New York

Just a two minute walk from the well known top of the rock, comes a bar & restaurant that serves delicious warm food ranging from roast beef sandwiches to burgers to homemade cream soup. The outdoor atmosphere captures all of New York’s street vibes and the french onion soup burger served with fries ( image below) is what you would want to get for lunch / dinner.

Insta: @Elgin


This street is perfect for you if you enjoy anything related to arts, museums, outdoors scenery! ( Central Park), shops or more towards the luxury vibes. I also love it here as there are way too many iconic Gossip Girl scenes @themetsteps but it also gave me a chance to dress up to another style of mine that I love. ( winter/ spring fashion fits)



Heading to lower Manhattan is where Soho district is at. This part of New York has a ton of trendy vibes, art galleries, architectures and stores . Soho gives off amazing street wear / street style vibes and has one of the best coffee stores. If I had more time, I do wish to explore around some of the hidden parts of this area.


Milk Bar

My all time favourite dessert place! there’s a collection of Funfetti layered cakes, ice cream with cereal crunch, cake truffles pies and more! unfortunately, due to COVID quite a number of stores are temporarily closed, but the one near Soho is currently open!

Pizza loves Emily

If you head to West Village, you’ve got to head over to this restaurant ( photo on the right) where they serve scrumptious cheesy garlic sticks , pizzas and burgers!

Levain Bakery

NYC’s most famous cookies!

How to stay safe when travelling during the pandemic

It can be quite different and hard to travel during the midst of the pandemic, but as I was just 4 hours away from New York city, my friends and I decided to take a train. Just a reminder to wear a mask whenever you’re out, follow the social distancing rules and to always have good personal hygiene.

*also there are a ton of more amazing areas but these are just some of my top highlights from the trip

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