The blossoming lemons of Capri

Just a boat ride off the coast of Naples of Southern Italy, Capri is the paradise spot that you’ve dreamt of going from a young age. With the gorgeous blazing sun and seaside breeze welcoming you in, the island is filled with beach side restaurants, crystal clear blue ocean and tiny crowds that enclose theContinue reading “The blossoming lemons of Capri”


Hey readers ❤ hope you’re all doing well It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but here’s a quick update: I’ve done a lot of self reflecting over the past few months and I’ve come to realize that nothing stays forever but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Whether that’s friendships, relationships or situations outContinue reading “LONDON EDITION: LIVING ALONE TIPS”


Recently, I’ve been living in London as I’ve decided to take a study abroad program while going on a soul searching trip around Europe and so far the experience has been incredible. I’ve learned how to cook more meals, networked with many talented people and visited new places.  So here’s just a fun post onContinue reading “LONDON EDITON: RESTAURANT RECOMMENDATIONS”