Hope you’re all doing well! It’s been a little over a year since I started my blog and at times it still shocks me how I’ve been able to connect and talk to so many of you just by sharing what I truly believe in. Whether it’s my top self care acts, my current favourite fashion trends, the lessons I’ve learned about how to bounce back or finding your definition of confidence, I’m truly blessed and grateful to have a platform on Instagram and word press to share my insights. On top of that, I’ve met so many fascinating and inspirational entrepreneurs that have big goals when it comes to their passion. And as a result of that, I just want to talk about my very first wellness and body positivity event that I’m hosting here in Hong Kong!!


A wellness networking pop up store that celebrates uniqueness from within & without. I truly hope to create a day that celebrates vulnerability and each of our uniqueness.

As a lifestyle blogger ( and entrepreneur, I usually share my insights through the online community. As powerful as I’ve experienced the online community can be, I also hope to bring these similar feelings to the face to face world through building a safe zone for people to feel vulnerable and embrace their authentic selves.

We live in such a judgemental world where self-criticism, hatred, and unhealthy body comparisons are very real and impactful. Along with being in the midst of the rising digital era, it has made it even more challenging for many’s mental health. Therefore, I do hope this event can be served as a day where our community not only aim towards breaking the down unrealistic standards of beauty but can celebrate every individual’s uniqueness from within and without.

On the day ( this coming Saturday) there will be photo booths, drinks, food, speeches from three insightful entrepreneurs and a marketplace for guests to buy their favourite wellness products sponsored by several vendors.


” It’s not narcissistic to celebrate who you are. That’s creative, don’t hide that light! shine through”

– Kat Tse

Part of building your confidence comes from believing, embracing and loving who you completely are. So much easier said than done, but don’t hide your authentic part just because society has been shaped a certain way, believe in yourself.


Can’t wait to share more with all of you around the world!

With love from Kat ❤



some life advice from the past few years .. Inspiration @alex_elle @selenagomez

Hey readers 🌹

it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been working on multiple passion projects to spread the message that your feelings matter and that you are loved ( so stay tuned with that). I have to admit there were times where I haven’t exactly felt like myself but I am on a journey ( baby steps) in learning how to re build that confidence. I just wanted to share some of my insights into this as this self discovery path never ends.


There isn’t anything wrong with you if you don’t feel the best version of yourself or if you’re mentally slipping away from your vibrant self. Sometimes there could be hidden triggers that could cause this to happen and you might not even be aware of it at first. Some examples of signs to help you notice these patterns include losing motivation in the things you love, feeling disconnected from the world around you, doubting your self worth, constantly overthinking etc. Once you find yourself in that state, a whirlwind of emotions could hit you. Easier said than done, but It’s so important to not let yourself fall into the hole where your emotions could drag you down even more. I call this the rabbit hole and each time it hits differently. There could be times in the past year where It’s been easier (ex. towards the end of quarantine) and there are times it could be much harder when there’s a new transition in life.

the key thing to note is that you don’t always have to feel unmotivated and powerless.


and I hope this small guide can give you some relatable advice to your situations.


“Healing is not linear. You’re going to have set backs in life and that’s perfectly normal”

We all have our own ways when it comes to healing but I do want to address on a certain misconception. There doesn’t necessarily have to be one single particular event or situation that you need to heal from. Since I strongly believe that healing is not linear, once you do a bit of soul searching, you might realise there could be other past events you haven’t fully healed from ( it could subconsciously impact you till this day )and that’s completely fine.

” Take good care of your body. Eat plenty of healthy and yummy food and don’t limit yourself.”


Some of my personal insights…..


I love the beauty of photography. Personally, being able to find quotes or images that resonate with how I currently feel can give me a sense of peace that I’m not abnormal for feeling this way. Being able to do that is also a sign of caring for yourself and to show how all your emotions are completely valid.


I love writing with a passion. Whether that’s journaling or the fact that letters can create such an emotional impact in pulling my heart strings at times is what fascinates me the most. I’m someone who’s extremely emotional and when I spend time alone, I pour my heart into a place ( my notepad) where I believe is safe and nonjudgemental. Along with the music tone, it can establish such a meaningful impact. However, this could also be extremely hard at times as writing it out could also cause more pain and the struggles of facing certain realities.

but I honestly write about everything… From falling in love to getting heart broken, to getting betrayed, feeling energetic, at peace with yourself or just feeling lonely at times. Writing these feelings out help me have a better understanding of my emotions and that’s what I love about writing.


I’m not an expert in art but I do understand the creative element that comes with it. From aesthetic building to creating your curated master piece, the sense of self accomplishment and self validation can come after you create a personal art work. For me, the idea of aesthetics and image placement truly speaks to my heart. Whether that’s magazine cut outs or placing certain objects next to each other for a photograph each element has its own meaning. But something I’ve noticed about the beauty of art comes with the mystery and uncertainty. Each art work has its own narrative but when you present it to the world, everyone would have a different interpretation and that’s where you can bring your message in.


I hope this article was helpful for any of you that are going through / have been through something similar. I think it’s so important ( if you are comfortable ) to share your insights to the world so that we could encourage each other to be more kind and gentle with ourselves. Though mental health month was in May, every month should matter when it comes to your mental health 🙂

🌟2021 all about manifesting your dream life

🌟2021  all about manifesting your dream life

We’re 11 days into 2021 and I have to stop and talk about what manifesting your dream life in 2021 would mean and how to do it. But before that a recap. Overall, 2020 has certainly been a difficult year. I’ve struggled quite a bit as I felt as if Covid took life away from me at times: there were a ton of random mental break downs, quarantine life adjustments and not being able to go to my very first year of college. The same time, I’ve also come to understand more about what my anxiety meant for while starting this blog and being able to connect with a ton of amazing people in the instagram and blogging community about topics like this.

but if you’re on this page, you most likely want to learn how to either change some things from your past year or possibly make this year your very best year despite all the uncertainty and I can tell you it’s always possible by changing your vibe and mindset!


I’m a strong believer when it comes to the law of attraction. It’s definitely so much easier said than done, but I do think that happiness is a choice. Behind this choice comes your mindset and the way you view your life (what are things you are grateful for, what can genuinely bring happiness to you, vibes and higher vibration). By visioning what you want your life to be is the very first step to achieving a positive mindset.


2020 journal recap Before you move onto thinking about your dream life or 2021, I think it’s always great to spend some time thinking about how this year went by for you. What did 2020 teach you? I used to care so much about how others think about me and especially on social media. But honestly, you gotta give less fuc*s about what people “think” about you if what you do truly makes you happy.

Goal setting

This could be anything for you. You can always start off from a broad topic such as health goals then narrow to a specific one like having a morning routine to bring a more positive mindset. Other goals can include working towards a new business plan, taking better care of yourself through self care and meditation, exploring your passions or building that job resume.

Vision board

the vision board technique is something new that I’m currently trying but I do think it’s quite a fun and creative project as you have relatable images that could help your goal achieving process. You can either make this digitally, create a physical digital board or even draw how you vision your accomplishments would be like.

Checking in with your energy

As the year goes on it’s so important to just check in with yourself and to stay in touch with your body. You can do this through meditation, journaling or even self reflection. Your energy is one of the most important factors when it comes to higher energy vibration. As hard as it can be, know that you always have the power to be in control of your thoughts, actions and the vibe you choose in life.

After thought

So what are some of your goals? have you started writing down how you vision your life to be like in 2021?

These morning tips can help you find happiness during uncertain times.

These morning tips can help you find happiness during uncertain times.

I can’t express enough how it’s completely fine to have both good and bad days. You can’t expect yourself to feel the best version of yourself every single day and there’s no reason to beat yourself over for that. Just like I said in my mental health post, if there are days that you feel as if you’re slipping let it be, if you’re struggling know that this feeling won’t last forever but there are ways that can help change this pain.

With all the uncertainty and struggles that many of us had gone through ( especially during this year) it can be hard to stay positive. Here are some tips that have helped me get through some of my own mental health struggles during these times: starting from a change in my morning routine

If you can’t change the situation, you can always change how you view it.” it’s easier said than done but by slowly changing the way you view a fixed situation, you’ll be able to finally find peace from within.

5 minute stretches

to make your mornings productive: Something I try to do as much as possible is starting my mornings off with mindful stretches while playing my Spotify playlist. This doesn’t just help reduce my anxiety, but helps me bring more positive vibes so that I can have a certain intention for the rest of my day.


to get your head clear and to manage your emotions: if this is something that you want to try, just write down anything that you’re thinking about the second that you get up. By writing whatever flows to your mind, it can help reduce the unnecessary stress and lead you to a fresh start to your day.

Skin care routine

mindful, fun and beneficial: Something new that I’ve started is adding the jade roller and gua sha practice into my morning routine. It’s not only great for boosting circulation, reducing puffiness, increasing glow but the 5 – 15 minute skin care practice can let you be mindful and to become more appreciative of your body.

The positivity talk

Being kind to yourself, asking yourself what you’re grateful ( create a list) are all great ways to start your mornings too.

here are some examples of positive and helpful quotes

After Thought

These are just some morning insights I’ve gained throughout these few months and it has helped me change my energy intention for the day, my motivation and to continue to find beauty within life when everything’s uncertain. It’s always important to be kind, to check in with yourself and some of these morning routines can be considered as self care practices and a step into body positivity.

cover image




It took me a while to write this post as it’s still a personal and ongoing situation for me, but I do believe that my story and insights can be helpful to some. For as long as I can remember, I struggled with anxiety. Of course, there were times where I was happy and did well but for a good few years, my anxiety had taken a turn and I fell into the hole of uncertainty, self-sabotage, and darkness. I felt as if there was no escape to it. Day after day I struggled with getting through this uncertainty and growing up in an environment where mental health wasn’t completely accepted made it even harder. 


It was through time that I learned how to take control of my anxiety by turning to self acceptance and learning what self love meant to me. ( here you can read more about how I interpret what self love means.)

By turning to self acceptance I began to truly spend time understanding what anxiety meant to me in a nonjudgmental approach, I would notice some of the reoccurring patterns and eventually learn how to embrace that there’s nothing to be ashamed of if I felt this certain way.

By turning to self love , I found peace and self-acceptance from within. I also break self-love down into these three things: understanding yourself, prioritizing yourself, and finally embracing who you are. 

On top of that, a few of you guys have also asked me about ways to cope with anxiety so here’s a slideshow that I made to show how you don’t have to feel this way forever and what you can do to help others who are going through this.


These are just suggestions that I have when it comes to how I broke my cycle of anxiety, but at the end of the day do what makes you feel most comfortable. It’s also a lot easier said than done, but to me I believe that you don’t always have to feel this way by learning how to respect, embrace and finding that inner strength.

My top 7 self-care quarantine tips

My top 7 self-care quarantine tips

For many of us, quarantine was a new experience. Some of us struggled through the days of boredom ( even getting our entire sleep schedule messed up oop!), while others aimed for that quarantine glow up and stayed productive. 

But for me, it was quite a new experience. Online school was not only new but being stuck at home for most of the time was especially different from the busy lifestyle I’d grown up in. 

I was practically forced to spend time with myself. I needed something to keep me grounded under all this uncertainty. One of the many things that kept me grounded was getting into the world of aesthetics- where I developed my passion for fashion and found my style. 


that also helped me step into self love *just a reminder there’s a difference between self-care and self-love

Matcha and Meditation

I love drinking matcha( especially in the morning) so during quarantine I would combine this with my meditation practices! Click this link to learn more about how I make my own matcha and what are some of the health benefits.

The Pinterest scan – to find my style

 One of the biggest turning points for me during quarantine was definitely finding my own style and discovering my passion for fashion. Whether it’s trendsetting streetwear, Y2k aesthetics, or just simple thrifting, these were some of my go-to inspirations where I discovered my aesthetics. 

And It was from there I realized

Chloe ting’s workout:

With quarantine, I transitioned to at-home workout. This way, I can continue to feel good about myself, keep in shape, and one of my favourite routines were Chloe tings workout

Netflix and face mask: 

I’m sure most of us watched tv shows or movies during the days of lockdown (or still are!) so I added a face mask,  part of my skincare routine, with a Netflix movie and get all cozy. 

Clean/ Room decor: 

It could be reorganizing your closets or even just a simple clean up. For me, changing my entire room to the minimalist vibe really spoke to me as a step to finding my authentic style

DIY activities : 

This is also a great time to get into some DIY ( do it yourself) activities to help you explore your creativity and can also act as a therapeutic hobby!


To me, gaming is a self-care activity. Especially with quarantine, I definitely thought it was a great way to connect with your friends as well as maintaining a balanced lifestyle. 


Though I’ve mentioned these 7 self-care things to do, there’s always another list, these are just my personal favourites. Don’t force yourself to become busy when it comes to self-love or alone time, try to find what genuinely brings joy to your life. 

Self Care vs Self Love

Self Care vs Self Love

A few years ago, I remember constantly getting confused between these two: self-care and self-love.  Especially during exam week, my friends would tell me to relax and have a self-care day so I would feel better about myself, but to be honest, I never really knew how that helped as I still felt terrible within. 

So after a past relationship, I started to focus on myself more:  A 3 -month social media detox, finding what my style was, and what brought joy to my life – I believe that these acts of self-care were my personal steps to self-love. 

And here’s how I define it….


It can be seen as temporary and help with balancing your life. Self-care lets you feel mentally and physically good. It can be your type of way to feel at peace from within.  

Some examples of these can include:


To me, I think of Self-love as the core light within you. Once you’ve achieved that sense of peace and self-acceptance, you can notice how this can impact the way you view yourself, how you act in relationships, and how you look at the world. 

But personally, I break self-love down into these three things: understanding yourself, prioritizing yourself, and finally embracing who you are. 


Though society might shape us all into different people, at the end of the day, everyone has an inner child inside of us that wants to be cared for. However, with self-love, it’s learning to care about that inner child by prioritizing yourself. 

Prioritizing yourself can mean

   . To be patient with yourself

   . break down the harsh judgemental voice inside of you 

   . Being kind and fair to yourself

   . Giving yourself time to heal. 

   . Knowing you’re worth it and enough

   . Respecting yourself & the boundaries you create 


Once you’ve made the first step in prioritizing yourself, you can definitely become much more aware of who you are as a person. Through this awareness, you’ll notice how you react/ respond in certain situations. This could mean you have a specific pattern in how you react, possible defense mechanisms, or even trust issues, that were built from past experiences. 

But let’s say you’re someone who has been or are going through anxiety ( or other mental health issues) understand what that means for you and know that there’s nothing wrong with it.

Some examples to understand yourself can include… 

notice how you react in certain situations. Is it because of a defence mechanism? previous trust issues that have been built? 

Coming to terms with either small traumas or betrayals that you’ve felt. 

Letting go and forgiving yourself from your past mistakes 

*meditation can also be extremely helpful when it comes to learning how to understand yourself and being present with your feelings. 


 Lastly, possibly the hardest step, is to embrace yourself. Not gonna lie, I’m not always there. There are still days where I struggle, but it’s a process that’s doable as long as I’m being gentle and reasonable with myself. 

Some examples of this can include… 

Embracing your emotional parts: if you’re someone that is more emotional than others,  embrace that part of yourself. Though society makes us feel like we can’t be emotional, there’s honestly nothing wrong with being emotional. It just means you care and you’re empathetic.

Embracing your anxiety: be patient with yourself. Know that there are days where it might be harder than others, but never think that you aren’t normal just because you might overthink and get anxious in different situations.

Embracing your body: everyone’s body is beautiful and just because society doesn’t label it doesn’t mean it’s not worthy. If you’re someone who wants to work towards creating a healthier relationship with your body and mind, it’s always possible.

It’s so important to embrace who you are as a person: to appreciate who you are, understand that you’re always enough and that your feelings do matter. By doing this step, it can encourage self-growth, improve who you are, and, in the future, possibly help you create stronger relationships.  


 As I mentioned before I see self-love as the core light that can be developed from within us. Loving who you are, respecting yourself, embracing your imperfections, and seeking validation from within can all help from a long term perspective. Loving yourself can help in various aspects including building stronger relationships, preventing yourself from getting into toxic ones, getting through personal challenging events, and can help with building a healthier relationship with your body, mind, and heart.  You’ll also learn how to be more resilient in situations and to not let your insecurities get the best of you.  

Self Love quote cards

Self Love quote cards

Here’s a story: a year ago from today, I was nowhere near ready to say and feel what I do today. I fell into a deep hole of uncertainty with my anxiety and depression and, at the time, I thought there was no way out. 

 If you’re someone who isn’t completely comfortable with who you are or with your body know that you’re not alone and you don’t always have to feel this way. 

What I’m trying to say is turning self-hate to self-love was one of the hardest things ever (but it’s not impossible to achieve. ) 

I started by stopping myself from needing to impress other people and to start loving myself from within. I’ve learned to stop comparing every flaw I had to others when I looked at myself in the mirror, and I’ve truly embraced and found what can bring joy to my life. 

here are some custom self-love quote cards that I created. Click into each image to see the quotes I added. 

Intro to the vulnerability project

Intro to the vulnerability project

Hi and welcome to my first post to an ongoing project I’m working on called the vulnerability project! In the future, I might continue this with a podcast about why true strength comes from finding your authentic self and embracing your “flaws”, but for now, here’s a little insight I’ve personally learned which I’ve found common in the world of building connections. 

*hopefully this is helpful for all of you going through or have once gone through something similar and just a reminder: You’re never alone. 


Whether it’s a heartbreak, a long friendship, or parents falling out, going through emotions of betrayal, loss, shock, expectations being crushed (especially when it’s your first time) is definitely hard. 

In fact, it can take you through a whirlwind of emotions. You could completely turn cold after a bad experience, become less trusting when it comes to letting other people in your life again, or find yourself a replacement to act as a “bandage” because you fear to go through the emotions of pain.

What I’m saying is everyone always has a choice to make in life no matter what had once happened. Going through loss is painful enough already, but one of the hardest parts is to truly find the light within these experiences and to learn how to choose a different direction. 

The start of this comes from within, which is you. Meaning, it’s ok to take time to heal and grieve if you’ve been through hardships. Let yourself take that mask, which you wear in front of your peers, off for a while and to know that your feelings are completely valid, as your inner self/ ego has been let down. Because by doing this it’s the first step in understanding what it means to have strength in vulnerability.

Managing Stress

Managing Stress

We all go through stress at one point in our life. Say it’s academics, work, or personal sh*t, we’ve all been there. 

Not gonna lie, high school was quite a challenge for me at times (oop). Between my AP classes extracurricular activities, test-taking every other week, and going through my personal stuff was quite a rocky journey. 

So here are 4 tips I want to share with you guys when it comes to managing stress. 

The stress mindset

I’m not sure if this makes sense but basically something I used to do a lot was stress about being stressed. I realized I spent so much time stressing and getting anxious over the overwhelming list of things I have to complete that I lost a lot of precious time. In order to learn how to break this cycle, I incorporated a lot of new habit changes starting from these 3 tips I have.

The To Do List 

I’m sure you’ve heard about the to-do list and as effortful as it sounds it’s a realistic de-stress tool that helped me get through high school. Whether it’s on your laptop or notepad, by listing out what you have to accomplish can definitely help when it comes to reorganizing your priorities.

Take a break and let loose 

Honestly, no ones a working robot 24/7. I mean you can try to but it’s human nature to eventually crash at one point. Keeping a balanced life is so important when it comes to your wellbeing and can be an act of self-care too. I’m not saying to ditch your responsibilities but at a certain point go take a break, let loose a little, take a bubbly bath, hang with a few friends and get back to what you need to do after. Go look at your schedule now and plan out when you can have some downtime.


This is more of an ongoing practice. Meditation isn’t an easy skill to achieve but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It’s true that not everyone could have the patience to sit or to prioritize their time at first ( I mean sometimes I just can’t be bothered too ) but that’s the thing, though it may take up some time the effect is definitely worth it. You’ll realize in just a few sessions you’re entire wellbeing and mindset can completely shift. Here are some of my favourite meditation apps that you can download: Head Space, and Calm.

After thought

At the start of my article I talk about how these managing stress tips helped me throughout high school but personally it also helped my anxiety in different ways. By doing these steps it gave myself time to understand how important it is to cultivate a balanced life and by taking more control in managing my stress gave me a sense of feeling lighter overall.