πŸ’ŒHEY READERS πŸ’Œ Hope you’re all doing well! It’s been a little over a year since I started my blog and at times it still shocks me how I’ve been able to connect and talk to […]
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    With the scorching sun making its way to mid June and with the city re opening ( Here in Hong Kong) , this summer is bound to be different from the last one. If you either […]
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    New York City. the lights , the music, the fashion, the food – all encapsulates the beauty of the city I’ll be honest: The truth is, there’s no way to explore all of New York within […]
  • My top 7 self-care quarantine tips
    For many of us, quarantine was a new experience. Some of us struggled through the days of boredom ( even getting our entire sleep schedule messed up oop!), while others aimed for that quarantine glow up […]
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    Whether it was an experience that sparked you, a change in breaking out of bad habits, or just the thought of wanting to strive for a healthier outer and inner feeling,  I know that these can […]